Jewelry Care & Info.

YourJuly27 Gone So Soon Pendants pendants are highly water-resistant. Simply dry your jewelry after swimming/showering/bathing.

If our jewelry begins to tarnish in any way, clean it with an unscented soap and water. Dry with a soft cloth.

Avoid dropping YourJuly27 Gone So Soon Pendant. Though shatterproof, scratching and chipping still can occur in some circumstances. 

While wearing, avoid exposure to chemicals, including cleaning agents and pools containing chlorine. 
Store your jewelry in a dry environment and avoid mixing it amongst other jewelry types. Storing in close proximity to other metals can expedite tarnishing. 
Skin Allergies:
316L stainless steel has a very low reaction rate as it contains very little nickel. 
For peace of mind, if you have a known nickel allergy we recommend selecting our solid gold necklace or a Gone So Soon Pendant with 18K Gold plating.