How many pregnancies end in loss?

How Many Pregnancies End in Loss? | 2024 Updated: The 40-45%

It is estimated that 98 million pregnancies end each year before a living child is born.


These numbers only require a few simple equations to translate the gravity of their implications:


The current worldwide annual birthrate is between approximately 139,511,732 (UN) and 144,424,624 (CIA).
We can easily find an approximate statistic for pregnancies resulting in all forms of fetal demise by adding the 98 million losses to each approximate birth rate and dividing that same 98 million by each result. 


Example 1:

144,424,624 (CIA) + 98,000,000 = 242,424,624
98,000,000 / 242,424,624 = 40.42%

Example 2:

139,511,732 (UN) + 98,000,000 = 237,511,732
98,000,000 / 237,511,732 = 41.26%

Example 3:

However, per our sources above, these numbers could be astronomically higher. The NIH study concluding that 23 million known pregnancies end in miscarriage also states that this equates to about 15.3% of all pregnancies.
The UNICEF study assigning 2 million as the estimated total of yearly stillbirths also states that this is based on 13.9 stillbirths per 1000 births. Using 2023's birthrate data, this equates to between 1,939,213.07 (1.32% 1.37%) and 2,007,502.27 (1.37% 1.41%) stillbirths, so this number remains very accurate. 
The Guttmacher Institute and the W.H.O. both equate the 73 million yearly abortions with representing 29% of all pregnancies. 
This means that, if we take these sources and statistics at their word, we could be looking at a percentage as high as 45.71% of all pregnancies.


At a bare minimum, over 40% of ALL pregnancies end in a form of loss.   


As these 40% - 45% of pregnancies are ending in loss, our cultural space for grieving and for healing is significantly lacking.


This is the space that MyJuly27 strives to create alongside the loss community by connecting families with healing resources and designing beautiful, high-quality keepsakes that both memorialize lives and spark conversation.

Whether your life has been impacted by early chemical pregnancy, a late-term tragedy, or an induced abortion, we invite you to step into a space that believes in hope, healing, and goodness on the other side of life's worst nightmares.

Our primary way of honoring the 40% - 45% is by creating footprint keepsakes, sized by gestational age. According to the Mayo Clinic, feet form in utero at just 8 weeks. Are you passionate about honoring the dignity and personhood of each and every life? Consider keeping a pair of 8 week footprints as a form of remembrance.


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*Though there is much political and religious tension surrounding our inclusion of abortion statistics with unintentional forms of pregnancy loss, please know that we do so with great intentionally as we welcome each and every family seeking healing after an abortion experience. Whether you identify your beliefs as pro-life, pro-choice, or somewhere undecidedly in between, abortion grief is statistically undeniable.


Author: Shareya Holm, Owner of MyJuly27




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